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Benefits of Private Labeling:

  • Cost and Time Savings: We take over the complete technical documentation, including all responsibilities.
  • Focus on Your Brand: Sales are conducted under your brand and corporate design.
  • Efficiency and Quality: Our strength lies in specializing in surgical instruments.
  • Focus on Core Competencies: Maximize resource effectiveness by entrusting all tasks related to your instruments to us.
  • Risk Reduction: Rely on our proven processes and existing technical documentation.

Utilize our Private Labeling solutions. We handle the entire technical documentation of surgical instruments for you, allowing you to focus on the essentials: developing new systems to improve the quality of life.

This is Private Labeling:

In Private Labeling, we act as the Legal Manufacturer, and you act as the distributor for the products. This way, we assume all regulatory responsibilities and risks on your behalf. Face your notified body and comply with MDR and FDA regulations with confidence, referring to us as we take care of it for you.

Your Brand and Corporate Design

Labeling and packaging is designed according to your corporate design and the products are marketed under your brand. This seamlessly integrates the products into your existing portfolio and system, ensuring familiarity for your customers. Together, we strengthen your strategic brand presence and global concepts.

MDR and FDA Approved OEM Solution

Due to the new EU-MDR, previously established OEM solutions are often no longer approved, pushing Contract Manufacturers to their limits. In contrast, Private Labeling offers an innovative alternative that not only meets all required standards but also represents a forward-thinking concept with significant benefits for OEMs.

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