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Our benefits at a glance:

  • Requirements analysis as the start of success

  • Binding prices and delivery times

  • Personal contact person

  • Holistic project portfolio management

  • The project plan

  • Comprehensive support and consultation

At Komet Medical, we understand that each project is unique and comes with specific requirements and challenges. Our formula for success is based on tailored and effective project management to execute your project as cost-efficiently and promptly as possible.

Frontloading – Requirements Analysis as the Start of Success

We kickstart each project with a personal meeting we refer to as "Frontloading." During this session, we capture your specific requirements using a detailed checklist. This holistic approach allows for a seamless project flow by avoiding missing information and incorrect assumptions from the outset. By planning of everything at the beginning, we can develop a precise understanding of your expectations and goals.

Individual Contact Person

Recognizing that projects and project teams can be complex, we assign a contact person to you throughout the entire project. Our highly qualified project managers efficiently coordinate various departments, are available to assist you at all times, and always keep the goal achievement in focus.

The Project Plan

Based on comprehensive requirement and specification documents, our project managers work with you to develop a detailed project plan that sets milestones, defining a clear process. Furthermore, our project plans keep you informed about the progress at all times.

Binding Prices and Delivery Times

Our quotes are binding. Thanks to the thorough Frontloading process, you won't need to worry about unexpected costs or avoidable delays during the project. We place significant emphasis on reliability and trust as these factors form the basis for customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships.

Comprehensive Support and Consultation

Our philosophy is to view us not as a customer and supplier but as partners with a shared goal for each project. Therefore, our entire team of experts provides comprehensive consultation from the initial contact to project finalization.

Holistic Project Portfolio Management

Our overarching portfolio management ensures transparency and efficient resource allocation for your project.

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